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You may give to St. Timothy's online with an Interac E-Transfer.


Donations should be sent to In order to reduce the effort required by our Envelope Secretary, it is helpful that every donor uses the same security question and answer.

For your security question, please write, "What you do when you give money to charity."

For your security answer, please write "Donate"

Please be careful and use correct lower/upper case letters, such as a capital D on the word "Donate."


Please use email as the “notification process”.


Please note that our envelope secretary will only be checking the e-mail for donations weekly on Sundays or Monday and there may be some delay between a user sending a donation and receiving acknowledgement of a completed transfer.

You may also give to St. Timothy's online  with Pre-Authorized Debit

Donations can also be made through monthly Pre-Authorized Debit. If you wish to donate using this method please:


1) Download and read the attached INFORMATION FORM and

2) Download and complete the PRE-AUTHORIZATION TEMPLATE


Please return both documents to our envelope secretary. 


Cheques at this time should be mailed to our Treasurer.


Please send them to: 

St. Timothy's Anglican Church

c/o 585 West Windsor Road

North Vancouver, BC, V7N 2N7


Please include your envelope number (if any) on your cheque.

For further information or any other inquiries, please contact us at

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