Anglican Church in North Amercia

The Anglican Church in North America unites some 100,000 Anglicans in nearly 1,000 congregations across the United States and Canada into a single Church. It is an emerging Province in the global Anglican Communion. The Most Rev. Robert Duncan is the Archbishop of the Church and Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Anglican Network in Canada

The Anglican Network in Canada is a continent-wide family of churches, a diocese in the Anglican Church in North America, and part of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans - representing the majority of Anglicans worldwide who remain faithful to established Christian doctrine and Anglican practice

Embrace Rwanda

Embrace Rwanda was birthed when a number of members from the Lower Mainland Anglican Coalition in Canada (ACiC) made their first visit to Rwanda in 2006. The ACiC is a group of Anglican congregations and churches whose beliefs and ministry are established on the firm foundation of Holy Scripture. The ACiC is a missionary outreach of the Anglican Province of Rwanda.

Canadian Anglican Net News

The voice of the covenanting Anglican Communion.

American Anglican Council

Since its founding the American Anglican Council has partnered with thousands to call The Episcopal Church back to the apostolic faith. As we have watched our beloved Church slide into apostasy over the past four decades, the AAC has hoped and prayed for repentance and renewal from within. That time has passed, though, and the Church has repeatedly made clear its choice to walk apart from the Anglican Communion and the faith once delivered.

Bible Gateway (Bible Passage Search) is a website designed to allow easy searching of the Christian Bible in many different versions and translations, including English, Spanish, French, and other non-English languages (see below). The website is free for anyone to use. It is currently owned by Zondervan. Information from Wikipedia.


Ekklesia is a Christian Political thinktank. They provide briefing, research, commentary and analysis. They examine beliefs, politics, theology, culture and society.

Sutherland Church

Located in North Vancouver, BC, Sutherland Church is a multi-generational, community church. The heritage of the church is from the Plymouth Brethren tradition and the congregation is made up of people from a large number of denominational backgrounds. Contemporary worship including choruses and hymns. The sermons are thought provoking and geared towards helping us to live this life aware of the presence of God and the blessing of Christ in this world.

The Mission Canada

TheAM Canada is a missionary movement focused on raising up vibrant and authentic followers of Jesus Christ through organic congregations and a lifestyle of Christlikeness. BC Churches includes: St. Simon's, North Vancouver, Richmond Emmanuel, Richmond and Christ the Redeemer, Pender Harbour.

The Anglican Communion

The Anglican Communion is an international association of churches consisting of the Church of England and of national and regional Anglican churches in full communion with it.[3] The status of full communion means, ideally, that there is mutual agreement on essential doctrines and that full participation in the sacramental life of each church is available to all communicant Anglicans.

Anglican Ink

Anglican Ink is a North American-based news service providing coverage to all 39 Provinces of the Anglican Communion.

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